Editorial design & art direction

Kål – Editorial design done for the publisher Fadl. Cabbage is full of flavor, available in many varieties and in season almost all year. The cookbook Kål (Cabbage) explore the many uses of cabbage in the kitchen and tell the story of cabbage and how it has been cultivated and eaten through the years, in Denmark and the rest of the world.

Rum i arbejde – How does a space affect us and how do you arrange a room in a way which supports the people who work in there, and the work they do. Gitte Andersen and Peter Holdt Christensen provides their perspective and knowledge on the topic in the book Rum i arbejde. Published by Akademisk Forlag.

Kunsten at tænke klart and Kunsten at handle klogt – Are the Danish versions of the international bestsellers Die Kunst des klaren Denkens and Die Kunst des klugen Handelns by Rolf Dobelli, with a unique design for the Danish market.
AWARD – Årets Bedste Bogarbejde 2015. Kunsten at tænke klart have been selected by Foreningen for Boghaandvaerk as one of 2014 best designed books in the category Fagbøger (non-fiction).

Den Velklædte mand – An introduction and guide to classic menswear and how to dress appropriately for the occasion, written by Torsten Grunwald and published by Forlaget Vandkunsten. The book features the bespoke typeface Dresswell, used for headlines and quotes, by type designer Allan Daastrup.

Gud i klemme – A theological debate book. Dr.theol. Carsten Breengaard adresses the recent debate about God, faith and resurrection in Denmark. He questions whether there is a limit to how much the zeitgeist can remove form the christian thought before it is no longer christianity. Published by Kristeligt Dagblads Forlag

Vildt på gaflen and Fisk på gaflen – Cookbooks by the acclaimed danish chef Rasmus Grønbech from the restaurant Gronbech & Churchill. Fisk på gaflen is devoted to fish and shellfish and Vildt på gaflen to wild game, both books feature a large selection recipes and guidelines. Published by Politikens Forlag.