Editorial design & art direction

Kunsten at tænke klart – The Danish version of the international bestseller Die Kunst des klaren Denkens by Rolf Dobelli, with a unique design for the Danish market. Kunsten at tænke klart (The Art of Thinking Clearly) is a guide on how to avoid getting caught up in irrational thoughts and impulses.

Den Velklædte mand – An introduction and guide to classic menswear and how to dress appropriately for different occasions, written by Torsten Grunwald and published by Forlaget Vandkunsten. The book features the bespoke typeface Dresswell, used for headlines and quotes, by type designer Allan Daastrup.

Etik på nettet – A guide to online journalism and an attempt to establish a set of rules and best practice in the fast developing field of online journalism. Written by Jakob Albrecht and Andreas Marckmann Andreassen and published by Forlaget Ajour.

gastro – Art direction of gastro, a monthly magazine for those who wish to stay informed about the national and international world of food and wine. With restaurant reviews, news, recipes and travel-guides.

Resiliens processer – A psychological study on what affects a person’s ability to withstand hardships, and which factors influences their resilience to adversity. Written by Ida Skytte Jakobsen and published by Akademisk Forlag.

Tour de France 2014 infographic – An infographic poster and guide to the 101st edition of the Tour de France. The poster is a detailed visual guide to the route, stages and other selected data surrounding the 2014 tour.